"Being successful in business is not a question of talent.
It is the question of learning and applying the right skills and knowledge."

About Our Founder

By the age of eight, Daniel Gerlei had already starting watching business reality TV shows like The Profit, The Apprentice, and Shark Tank. Soon after, it came to Daniel’s attention that billionaire Alan Sugar, the star of The UK Apprentice, had written an auto-biography.

He read the book, and it started a chain of events. Daniel started to investigate the habits, routines, and practices that make people successful in business. He has now read and analyzed the auto-biographies of over ten successful entrepreneurs.

In the beginning of 2019, Daniel founded the Second Language Short Story Competition which was a great success. Following that, he became a recipient of the Presidential Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence.

To widen his knowledge he went to a Summer Entreprenourship School to Scotland from where he came home as the winner of their Dragon's Den Business Idea Pitching Competition out of 80 competitors. Later as the youngest contestant of an International Speech And Debate Competition, he became a finalist both in impromtu speaking and in original oratory.

While all this was going on, Daniel started to think about how he could share his passion for business with others. That was when he decided to start a business club, where teenage students could learn basic business concepts. For the next few months, Daniel researched various business club models. In January 2020, when he started his business club it was oversubscribed. Every week Daniel invited and interviewed a successful business man/women in the meeting of his business club. As the leader and facititator of the club, he introduced many business related games and activities based on the best practices of business education.

All went well, until the world was closed down in April, and his business club was put on hold. That was when he came up with the Businesscool.

The Businesscool: The earlier the better

Learning and practicing the skills and knowdlege that make you successful in business takes time. Like with any skill, the earlier you start the better you will become. This is what the Businesscool allows you to do.